ELA:  Upper Multiage students are currently enjoying reading some new novels. The students have been spending some time reading independently and some time discussing the book with a group of peers and their teacher. Students have been focusing on character traits, plot development and vocabulary during this process. We thank ASC for purchasing us these high interest books!

Math: Rookies - Your child’s Unit 5 assessment was sent home this week.  We have now entered Unit 6, which focuses on division strategies and angles.  Since division is the inverse operation of multiplication, we will be using lots of our multiplication strategies to help us solve division problems.  Students were introduced to the partial quotients strategy for division today, which focuses on place value. We will continue to practice this strategy throughout this unit.

Science: This week, we looked at a kelp forest ecosystem from Monterey Bay in California.  Students enjoyed working in their science groups to create a food web with 12 different organisms from this ecosystem.  Starting next week, we will transition to our next investigation, which is nutrient systems. Over the next few weeks, students will investigate the phenomena of nutrient systems of yeast, plants and animals.  

Social Studies: Since the winter break, we have been learning about life in Colonial New Hampshire. Questions we have been working to answer in class: Why did Europeans begin settling in New Hampshire? How did the new settlers impact Native American life? Where were some of the first settlements in New Hampshire? Who were some of the first European settlers in New Hampshire?

Mrs. Pope joined our class this week for a lesson about learning styles and the multiple intelligences.  This was a great connection for students to discover strategies that work best for them. Hopefully students will connect these strategies to the goals they set during their parent/student/teacher conferences last week.  

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