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It’s been a busy, and fun start to the school year for the Sandwich Central School, Upper Multiage class. In addition to becoming reacquainted with daily class routines, students have been working on skills that will help them become stronger readers such as finding and supporting the main idea in nonfiction texts and, more recently, summarizing texts they have read in a clear, succinct way. The annual Cold River macroinvertebrate study was held on September 12, and students had a great time participating in this important, hands on learning experience.

The Cold River study will conclude with a final visit from Tara Schroeder of the Green Mountain Conservation Group on Friday, September 28. In addition to this amazing experience, Upper Multiage scientists have recently started work on a unit in which they are learning about electrical energy by building increasingly complex circuits. For the past two weeks we have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from our artist in residence, Kathryn Field. Under Ms. Field’s guidance the students have created some beautiful, colored ink prints that will be on display at our school as well as at the Sandwich Fair.
Math:  The Upper Multiage Veterans with Mr. Chapman have done a great job reviewing the concept of area, as well as extending this understanding in order to explore volume measurement and how to use formulas to calculate the volume of rectangular prisms and other three dimensional shapes.

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