ELA: Ms. Busnach’s reading groups have been continuing to work on specific phonics skills.  Most recently, we studied the sounds of bossy r. Students have been reading stories with er, or, ar, ur, and ir words.  We have also read about Daylight Savings time and learned some new information about how time works. As April showers approach, we will be reading about the science behind rainbows!

Math: Ms. Busnach’s Rookies have been working hard in math!  They have been studying place value by using base ten blocks.  The Rookies have gotten very comfortable taking apart numbers to reveal the amount of hundreds, tens, and/or ones needed to make the number.  We are now moving onto measurement, starting with the foot. Students have experimented measuring the lengths of our actual feet. After listening to the story, How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller, we discussed why we need a universal foot to use when measuring objects.

Since vacation, Rookies working with Mrs. Read have been working on a variety of number stories. They are learning to sort through information and solve the unknown variable. Through this process they are working on the skills of double digit addition and subtraction. Rookies also continue to become comfortable working with the clock and and with money.

Veterans have been working to make sense of the remaining multiplication facts they had not been introduced to. They are accomplishing this by doubling familiar facts. An example of this is figuring out 9x4 by doubling the product of 9x2. Another strategy is to use a 'friendly fact' to solve a new fact. An example of this is using  6x5 to solve 6x6 by adding another group of 6 to 30. 

Science: Students have spent time answering the focus question: What can be made from sand? They learned about the word, 'matrix' as they mixed a cornstarch solution with sand to create sand sculptures. Students persevered to answer another focus question:  What can be made from clay? Students created clay beads and decorated them with paint as a response to this focus question.

Writing:  The Middle Multiage has come a long way with their writing skills!  As we move into persuasive writing, students have written letters to their families about desired pets, and are working on a persuasive presentation in the form of an advertisement.  They are working on persuading people to buy (fictional) tickets for their Finch Olympics event! For St. Patrick’s day, student also wrote letters to a leprechaun requesting three wishes to be granted.  They had to make sure to back up each wish with reasons and/or examples. We will continue with persuasive writing for the time being before moving into reports and research!

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