Communications with the Public
1110 Communications
1111.1 Publications
1112.13 School News Releases
1113 School Closings & Delayed Opening Announcements - Inclement Weather
1120  School Board Meetings
1122 Communication with the Public
1131  Petitioned Article for School District Warrant
1161 Non-Discrimination Policy Statement
  Participation by the Public
1210  Participation by the Public
1211 Strong Family and Community Partnership
1220  Advisory Committees
1250 School Visitors
1251 Staff Identification
  Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities
1312 Complaints Against School Personnel or Programs
1313 Gifts to School Personnel
1322  Contest for Students
1324 Soliciting Funds and Gifts in the Schools
1325 Advertising and Promotion Among Students
1326 Student Production of Goods and Services
1330 Community Use of School Facilities
1330.2 Use of School Buildings
1330.3 Regulations Inter-Lakes School Grounds
1340  Access to School Procedures and Materials
  Relationships between other Governmental Agencies and School
1410  Local Units
1411  Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies


When the School Board proposes new policies or substantial changes in existing policies, the policies are put out for public input for 30 days following approval of a first reading by the Board. The deadline for providing input on the policies below is November 6, 2017.  Comments and reactions will be reviewed by the Inter-lakes School Board at its meeting on November 14, 2017  If no major objections are voiced, the policies will be approved as final at that meeting.

Policy #1161 Non-Discrimination Policy Statement
Policy #1335 Use of Tobacco Products Strictly Prohibited in/on All School Facilities and/or Grounds
Policy #4212 Hiring for Athletic Assignments (Coaching)
Policy #4213 Hiring for Non-Athletic Assignments (Club and Class Advisors)
Policy #5111 Age of Entrance 
Policy #5125 Manifest Educational Hardship
Policy #5144.2 Corporal Punishment
Policy #5150 Notification of Rights Under FERPA
Policy #6012 Character and Citizenship
Policy #6111 School Calendar and School Year
Policy #6115 Patriotic Exercises
Policy #6154.1 Advanced Coursework/Advanced Placement Courses
Policy #6161 Service Animals
Policy #6174 Educating Students with Chronic Infectious Disease
Policy #9210 Functions and Responsibilities of a Board Chairman
Policy #9220 Functions and Responsibilities of a Vice-Chairman
Policy #9230 Functions and Responsibilities of the School Board Secretary
Policy #9250 Request for Legal Opinion
Policy #9270 Functions and Responsibilities of  School Board
Policy #9325 Policy Review
Policy #9410 Use of Electronic Mail
*Policy #8110 Board Review of Personnel Files   (Rescind)
*Policy #8201 Students Serving on School Board

*Public Impact through December 8, 2017
You may also
e-mail the Superintendent with your feedback at:



The current Inter-Lakes School Board Polices can be accessed below.
Click on a the series to find specific policies.

1000: Community Relations
2000: Administration
3000: Business & Non-Instructional Operations
4000: Personnel
5000: Students
6000: Instruction
7000: New Construction
8000: Internal Board Operations
9000: By-Laws of the Board



2015-2016 Budget

        Annual Report - This is the Inter-Lakes School District's annual report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

2014-2015 Budget


2014-2015 Inter-Lakes School District Budget - Voted

Annual Report - This is the Inter-Lakes School District's annual report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.


2013-2014 Budget

2013-2014 Inter-Lakes School District Budget - Voted 

Annual Report -This is the Inter-Lakes School District's annual report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.

2012-2013 Budget

        Annual Report - This is the Inter-Lakes School District's annual report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS - In order to help community members understand some of the terminology that is used during budget season, and other times as well, a glossary has been developed.  Please advise of any additions that may be needed.


The Inter-Lakes School Board meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  Meeting times are usually 6:00 p.m. and most meetings take place at the Humiston Building in downtown Meredith (103 Main Street) unless otherwise posted.  

The members of the School Board are listed below.  You may click on their names to send an e-mail.

Richard Hanson, 520-8562 (2020)

Duncan Porter-Zuckerman, Sandwich, 284-6656 (2019)

Susan Palmer-Ansorg, Ph.D., Center Harbor, 998-6486 (2019)

Craig Baker, Center Harbor, 250-8074 (2018)

Mark Billings, Meredith, 279-5065 (2019)

Howard Cunningham, Sandwich, 284-7778 (2020)

Lisa A. Merrill, Meredith, 707-0099 (2018)

Parker Caswell,  Student Representative, 279-6162 (ILHS)

Other School District officers are listed below.

Bea Lewis Wheeler, Clerk

Karen Peranelli, Treasurer

Christopher Boothby, Moderator

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