Dear SCS Families:

I want to start by thanking the SCS Families and Faculty for a great open house. It is always a pleasure to watch the children show off their school and their work with a sense of pride and excitement.

At the time of this newsletter Sandwich Central School is off and running with sixty-eight students in grades K-6. They are already immersed in a variety of projects including our annual study of the macroinvertebrates in the Cold River and our all school poetry project, The Best Part of Me. The latter is a collaborative effort between Sandwich Central School and a class of Inter-Lakes High School advanced placement english students. I am very proud of both the SCS students and our senior instructors.

petittiWe have been very busy and students are working hard.  We are all tired by the end of the day...but it is a good tired!  We have spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks working on routine and how to take care of our friends and our learning space.  Group discussions and partner shares were modeled and the children have been practicing these skills. Our Morning Meeting is in place and the students are participating in all the parts (greeting, share, activity, morning message). We practiced how to leave the school during a fire drill and that it was okay to cover your ears to muffle the loud bell.


Math: The Rookie math students have been working hard to complete Unit 1. This unit included a variety of topics to review previously learned skills and also introduced a few new topics. Students have reviewed using number lines and hundreds charts to add and subtract within 100. They have been able to fill in missing numbers by counting by ones, twos, fives and tens. Rookies are also learning about coins and adding money. Please encourage students to add and subtract in their daily lives as opportunities arise!

hoagIt was great to see so many of you at Open House this week. Our school year sure has been off to a rapid start!  As you already know from the letter that went home a few weeks ago, we have had the pleasure of Mrs. Barb Pope (our school psychologist) working with us on Wednesday afternoons.  Mrs. Pope is teaching us Mind Up, which is a research based curriculum that focuses on the brain, and how children learn best.  We have been discussing mindfulness in our morning meetings and at other points throughout our days.  It’s pretty safe to say we are all learning new things.

chapmanSandwich Central School’s Grade Six is off to a terrific start.  I have been wonderfully impressed by their enthusiasm and engagement in our class activities to date.  I have no doubt that the school year is going to a positive experience for all.
Language Arts: The students have started the year off reading Lloyd Alexander’s Time Cat.  

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