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The Fox is on the loose at SCS! A big thanks to Brian Stockman and Sandwich Parks and Recreation for the ice sculpture in front of the school. Mr. Stockman is a local ice sculptor and created the fox as part of the Sandwich Winter Carnival. Unfortunately, the high temperature on Monday was in the 50’s so the fox didn’t last as long. It was awesome while it did. After talking with Mr. Stockman on the phone, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last ice sculpture we see at SCS.

Winter Activities

Next Tuesday marks the conclusion of our six week Winter Activities program. I am incredibly proud of the students as many of them were first time skiers and snowboarders. Our Winter Activities program remains a special part of the SCS experience. Risk taking comes in a variety forms for a variety children. It is a critical part of youth development. Taking this time each week to get outside, move our bodies, and challenge ourselves are things that I personally value and feel are important for our students. With that said, I want to thank you and Sandwich Parks and Recreation for the continued support. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and resources to get sixty five kids packed, outfitted, and on the snow. We could not do it without the support of Ole Andersen, the parent chaperones, and you at home. Thank you!


Reading and Writing:  After a read aloud we discussed why the author wrote the story.  It is as easy as  P.I.E. ( Persuade, Inform, Entertain) to determine the author's purpose for writing the book. We have been reading many books to "Inform", such as Martin Luther King, Jr., and nonfiction books about animals.  The children did a writing piece after listening to a few books about Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  They wrote down something they wished they could change to make the world a better place.  The children are also being "Entertained" by various versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We started this fun comparison with Jan Brett's book, Three Snow Bears.  As we explore other versions, we are finding many similarities and differences. Students are sharing the story elements (setting, character, problem, and solution) as we make anchor charts for each book. Our flexible reading groups are reading various stories and working on different skills such as: working on CVC words, listing facts and opinions found in the text, locating sight words, sequencing a story with words and or pictures, or practicing fluency through reader's theater. 


Science: Middle Multiage Scientists created small carts out of a variety of materials while working to answer the focus question,” What features of a cart will help it roll from here to there?” Wheel and axle, bearings and friction were some of the terms that the students were introduced to. After creating carts that would roll, students were engaged in the 'distance challenge.' They took the time to change features on their carts in order to get them to roll down a cardboard ramp and travel as far as possible.  

ELA: 'Opinion Writing' is our current writing project. Students chose their topics, created opening statements, and are working through the writing process to develop three paragraphs that will explain their assertion/arguments. Some of these interesting topics include extending the number of weeks of our winter activities program, installing air conditioning at SCS, and adding another recess to the school day. 

watsonEnglish Language Arts:  With snow days and delayed openings the printing of the first issue of Fox Tales was delayed a bit, but it is finally completed and ready to be shared. We hope you enjoy reading the stories in this first issue, I know the kids worked really hard on their stories, poems, drawings, and photography. Although it wasn’t planned, this issue has a double theme, Sports Biographies and “How To” related pieces. Our second issue will be coming out in March. As for our writing skills, we have been working on writing good complete sentences with subjects and verbs as well as how to punctuate dialogue correctly. We will be working on writing narrative pieces next and hopefully these will be included in the next issue of Fox Tales. In reading we will be finishing up independent book projects and, in honor of Black History Month, we will be reading a couple books by Mildred D. Taylor, whose books focus on the struggles faced by African Americans during the early 20th Century.


ELA/Social Studies/Project D.C.: We recently finished reading James L. Swanson’s Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. We learned a tremendous amount about President Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, Ford’s theater, and the events surrounding the assassination of our 16th president.   Students are now writing essays that reflect on the question: Did John Wilkes Booth accomplish his goal? The consensus of the class is that Booth did not succeed in his goal, and they are using evidence from the text to argue that Booth ultimately failed on a variety of levels, despite committing this heinous act, primarily because his taking of the president’s life did not serve to reinvigorate the Civil War.

    Over the past few weeks, sixth graders have begun making a seventeen foot by six foot scaled map of the National Mall.  In addition to the map, each student has chosen a building located on the Mall and are building a three-dimensional scale model of the building.  This project requires careful mathematical calculations, the use of Google Earth to learn the actual dimensions of their buildings, and attention to detail as they build their models.  So far, they are taking their work seriously and they are off to a great start.

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