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Sandwich Central School

Sandwich Central School
28 Squam Lake Road
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
Jeremy Hillger - Principal

Alex Adriance - Administrative Assistant; email:

Sandy Spiro - Guidance Counselor; email:

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Classroom Webpages


Primary Multiage - Mrs. Jennifer Petitti

Middle Multiage - Ms. Courtney Busnach 

Upper Multiage - Steve Watson

Grade 6 -  Mr. Chapman

Library - Ms. Emma Dassori

Music - Ms. Emma Dassori

Art - Mrs. Kathy Ryan

Physical Education - Ms. Lyndsey Wilcox

Band - Ms. Mona Hoefs


Sandwich PTO

President: Angie Morton
Vice President/Secretary: Birgit Nedeau
Treasurer: Lora Carney

Inter-Lakes School District
Student Electronic Portfolios ad hoc Committee
Committee Members

John Hansen, Co-Chair

Kathleen Hill, a href=""> Co-Chair

Allan Hale, ILSD Technology Director

Karolbeth Glover, ILES Technology Integration Teacher

Jeremy Hillger, 6th Grade Teacher

Brent Summers, ILHS Industrial and Technology Education Teacher

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Literacy Toolkit

Sanborn Regional School Technology Literacy

E-Portfolio Solutions (be sure to scroll down on this page for the solution list)

Inter-Lakes School District Technology Standards

Tech Standards

Next Meeting:
 Monday, November 8 from 3:30 to 4:30
at the SAU -
Humiston Building

Conference Room


10-12-2010 Minutes

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Literacy Timeline of Key Events


NCLB Act passes and includes tech literacy Goal


NH State Board of Education initiates revision of state standards


Standards revision process continues with review of national standards, committee work, public hearings, etc.


NH School Approval Standards take effect. Former computer literacy section becomes ICT Literacy and includes portfolio requirement.

Winter 2005-06

NHDOE begins tech assistance to districts regarding the new standards

Spring 2006

NHDOE with local PD centers host spring workshops connecting standards to curriculum

Summer 2006

NHDOE and local PD centers conduct ICT Summer Institute. Six institute teams create case studies and sample portfolios.

Winter 2006-07

Online PD course developed for OPEN NH initiative (Engaging K12 Students with Digital Portfolios)

Spring 2007

Portfolio study conducted re: student engagement and achievement

Summer 2007

Portfolio course piloted by OPEN NH

Fall 2007

Ed tech grants support year-long series of digital portfolio PD sessions for school teams

Winter/Spring 2008

Digital portfolio PD offerings continue. Portfolio course offered again by OPEN NH.

February 2008

Annual school tech survey provides data on progress with ICT and portfolio assessment

Summer 2008

Begin to identify model projects and accompanying rubrics to use for common assessment tools statewide

Winter 2009

Ed tech grants support statewide team to enroll in and complete online OPEN NH course on rubric development.
NHDOE sponsors a "Gallery Walk" for school districts to view possible portfolio solutions.

Spring-Fall 2009
  Statewide team develops and pilots common rubrics
Winter 2010
  Plans underway to disseminate common rubrics to other NH schools for optional adoption


Sandwich Central School
May, 2011


The Inter-Lakes School District surveyed all parents, staff and students in January through March of 2011.  These surveys are produced by Education for the Future.  Education for the Future is a not-for-profit initiative located on the California State University, Chico campus that focuses on working with schools, districts, State Departments of Education and other educational service centers and agencies on systemic change and comprehensive data analyses that lead to increased student learning. The gathering of survey, or perceptual data, helps to encourage and focus conversations among parents, students and staff that can lead to positive changes in the education of our children.  It is crucial to survey clients of the school to understand what they think about current school processes and practices. From these analyses, combined with the content collected in other areas of our school portfolios, priorities for change are determined.

Results of all surveys are published on this website as soon as they are available, usually two to three weeks after the survey period ends for all groups.

Click on the links below to see graphical and narrative results of school surveys.

Parent Surveys

2007-08   2008-09     2009-10 2010-11
07-08 Comments   08-09 Comments  09-10 Comments Comments are included in the link above.


Student Surveys
2007-08  2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
07-08 Comments 08-09 Comments 09-10 Comments Comments are included in the link above.


Faculty & Staff
2007-08  2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
07-08 Comments   08-09 Comments 09-10 Comments Comments are included in the link above.


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