NaturesClassroomOn April 17, 2017, we packed the gear of eighty-four seventh grade students onto two coach buses destined for Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
For the past fifteen years our seventh grade students have journeyed to Cape Cod for a four day/three night field experience with Nature’s Classroom. The essential question they investigate while visiting various marine environments is “What is our shared responsibility in using and protecting global and local resources?” Over the course of the trip students spent time at Chapin Beach, which is a tidal beach, and the National Seashore.

One of the goals of the trip is to allow our students to form a connection with natural environments that reinforce the need to value and protect our natural resources.
Another aspect of the trip is the community building that occurs as eighty students, their teachers, and principal spend four days living together. Fun activities such as Quest, a series of cooperative tasks that the groups participated in, are designed to help our students develop trust, teamwork, communication, and cooperation which is so important to their development as human beings.
This field trip is part of an integrated science and language arts academic challenge. The challenge asks students to research and report on how choices impact our local environment. It specifically has students focus their projects on choices made related to food, water, and waste.

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