Five Obstacles to Grading Reform by Thomas Guskey

Bound by Tradition Today's Grading Practices Reflect the Past by Ellen R. Delisio

The Grades Game by Andy Fleenor, Sarah Lamb, Jennifer Anton, Todd Stinson, andTony Donen

How I Broke My Rule and Learned to Give Retests by Myron Dueck

Starting the Conversation About Grading by Susan M. Brookhart

Perspectives / What We Learn from Grades by Marge Scherer 

The Case Against the Zero by Douglas Reeves 

How Grading Reform Changed Our School


Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work by Robert Marzano

Transforming Classroom Grading by Robert Marzano

How to Grade for Learning by Ken O’Conner

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing it Right – Using it Well by Rick
Stiggins, Judith Arter, Jan Chappuis and Steve Chappuis

A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades by Ken O’Connor

Grades Don’t Matter by Tony Donen, Jennifer Anton, Lisa Beard, Todd Stinson, and
Glenda Sullivan

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ILHS Mission Statement
Critical Thinking Rubric
Effective Communication Rubric
Respectful & Responsible Individual Rubric

To Our Students, Parents and School Community:

Inter-Lakes High School is a community of critical thinkers and effective communicators. All of our courses are designed to give students the opportunity to practice and hone their critical thinking and effective communication skills. In addition, we strive to create learning activities that give students the opportunity to apply their critical thinking and effective communication skills to generate positive change in themselves, in their school and in society.

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