merrovista2018I have just returned from spending three days and two nights with seventy-one Inter-Lakes and ten Sandwich Central School students at Camp Merrowvista. Over the past twenty-one years the annual trip to Merrowvista has become a time honored tradition. Over that time, nearly two thousand students have brought memories back from their three day experience.
The theme of three days is TC2 which stands for trust, teamwork, cooperation, and communication. Students are organized in activity groups of ten or eleven students and work through a series of activities during the three days to build TC2. All of the activities are approached through the lens of challenge by choice. Students are encouraged to work in their growth zone, but their participation in all the activities is by their choice. Activities include raft building, outdoor survival, hiking, team challenges, climbing on a variety of elements, and much more.

There are two major objectives of the three days. The first is to integrate the Sandwich and Inter-Lakes students as they prepare to be one student body in seventh grade. The second is to provide a transitional experience that demonstrates to students that they are thoroughly capable of taking on new and challenging situations in a successful manner.
I am pleased to announce that this year’s students from Inter-Lakes and Sandwich distinguished themselves in exemplary fashion. I saw so many examples of students overcoming challenges as they interacted with one another in a respectful and caring manner. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with these young people in seventh grade next year.

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