Band Notes

notesBeginning band has begun! On Tuesday, September 26th, our newest members of the band program and their parents attended a beginning band night. Parents were able to purchase books, reeds and supplies, as well as rent an instrument if needed.
Students learned all about the band program and then had a chance to learn how to play their instrument with the correct embouchure and stick holding techniques.
The beginning band is very excited and promises to PATIENTLY, PERSISTENTLY PRACTICE to become great!

The advanced band is off to a great start! During rehearsals, students have focused on important concepts such as pick-up notes, ties, slurs, articulations, rhythm reading and team work. It is great to see our 2nd year veteran members provide leadership to the 1st year rookie members.
The jazz band will begin in just a couple of weeks. Students who are able to accurately play the band book exercises through #131 by October 16th are eligible to join this fall. There will also be another enrollment opportunity on January 2nd.

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