News from the Living Classroom

cabbagesDid you get a chance to check out the HUGE cabbages growing inside the greenhouse since last spring?  These were planted by last year’s third grades. There was some friendly competition going on to see which class could grow the largest cabbage.  The winners are....the students from MS. CURRIER’S class!  Their cabbage weighed a whopping 19.75 pounds!! 

All of last year’s third graders received a cabbage from the Bonnie Cabbage Program to grow at home.  These students are encouraged to weigh and send a photo of themselves with their cabbages to if they would like to have their results submitted and possibly win the state-wide drawing for a $1000 scholarship (due by September by 20th).  So what  happened to those huge cabbages?  The fourth grades had a cabbage cook-off!  Last Friday afternoon, students enjoyed a cabbage soup, coleslaw, and cabbage with blue cheese and bacon!  All the recipes win first place!

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