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fire safety - check the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Parents, your child(ren) will be learning about smoke alarms and other fire safety during fire safety week. Working smoke alarms save lives! That’s right- having smoke alarms in your home is very important! Smoke alarms let you know there is a fire. Working smoke alarms also give you time to get outside if there is a fire. LOOK around your home and make sure you have a smoke alarms on every level and inside every room where people sleep. PRESS the “Test” button on each smoke alarm. If the smoke alarm makes a “beep, beep, beep” sound, it is working. Make sure you test each smoke alarm every month. If the smoke alarm does not make a sound, REPLACE the battery or batteries. If it still doesn’t work, replace the entire smoke detector.

Your Child can help, too! Ask your child what they have learned about fire safety! Conversations are a great way to educate our children and ourselves!


Cabbage Growing Contest at ILES

Last year, third graders at Inter Lakes Elementary School were each given a cabbage plant from Bonnie Cabbages to grow at home.  Eight students competed to see who could grow the largest cabbage. Here are the results:

Third Place Cabbage 14.8 pounds Second Place Cabbage 15.5 pounds First Place Cabbage 16 pounds
In third place,
with a cabbage weighing a tremendous 
14.8 pounds Audrey Gumpert!
In second place,
with a cabbage weighing an amazing
 15.5 pounds Brooke Doten!
In first place,
with a cabbage weighing a whopping 
16 pounds Lucas Hurd!

Lucas’s name will be submitted to Bonnie Cabbage.  Maybe he will be the lucky winner of all the cabbages grown in the state! Congratulations to all the cabbage growers!

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