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Good Morning Inter-Lakes Families
Inter-Lakes will have an early dismissal today (2/18).
ILES (no pm preschool) will dismiss at 12:00 p.m. and ILM/HS will dismiss at 12:00 p.m.
SCS will dismiss at 12:30 p.m.


"Home of the Blue Wave"


Monday-Friday February 17-21

Each day a different theme

  • Monday: Sports Day:  Wear sports equipment or your favorite team apparel, hats are okay.
  • Tuesday: Celebrity Day:  Dress as your favorite celebrity
  • Wednesday:  Wacky Wardrobe Day:
  • Thursday:  Throwback Thursday:  80’s day: Dress in your favorite 80’s clothes
  • Friday: Comfy Cozy Day (no slippers)

Teachers will keep a tally of students who participate in their classroom daily and give a final total on Thursday for a class winner to have a small ice cream party on Friday.  

Jake the Naturalist with Kindergarten looking for animal tracks

Kindergarteners love to bundle up and have fun in winter weather, but what about animals?  We have been learning which animals live in New Hampshire and what they do during the winter.  Books, videos, games, and dress up activities helped students explore the four categories of hibernation, dormancy, migration, and remaining active. Students played animal detectives as they practiced identifying tracks and other animal signs.  We explored the woods around the school on snowshoes looking for signs of wildlife with Jake, the naturalist from Prescott Farm. It was such a great experience for all!  


Recycling and composting are the two environmentally friendly methods for handling solid municipal waste. Using either of these approaches keeps the trash away from landfills and helps in conserving our environment. I-LES does BOTH! Everyone at I-LES cares about our environment and we work hard to do our part in preserving the planet. We participate in single-stream recycling. This is an easy way to recycle. Single-stream recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals and other containers are mixed in a collection truck, instead of being sorted by the depositor into separate commodities and handled separately throughout the collection process. In single-stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle this fully commingled mixture of recyclables, with materials being separated for reuse at a materials recovery facility. Ways that we can help this process is to remember to rinse bottles or containers before putting them in the recycling bins, removing caps from bottles and making sure that the items placed in the bins are approved for recycling. 


Our Living Classroom might be buried under the snow, but students have been helping out inside our warm building to get ready for the upcoming planting season.  Last fall, Lowe’s in Gilford donated all their leftover seeds. This amounted to five very large boxes filled with tons of seeds! Students helped sort all the seeds into smaller boxes.  Some of these seeds will be used in and around the greenhouse this spring and summer. Others have been donated to nearby local schools. Students also received seeds as a thank you for helping with this huge task.  Keep these seeds in a cool, dark place until it’s time to plant them.   

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