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4110 Job Descripton
4111  Hiring Policy - Teaching Positions
4112.1 Continuing Contract for Teachers
4112.2  Continuing Employee Benefits
4112.3 Retirement Benefits for Non-Teaching Staff
4113  Family and Medical Leave Act
4116  Professional Personnel - Teacher
4117  Conditions of Employment Length of Teacher Workday
4118 Evaluation of Professional Personnel
4119 Professional Development
4120  Teacher Resignation
4123 Student Teachers
4130  Temporary Alternative Duty
4133 Smoking
4135 Part-time Personnel Job and Fringe Benefits
4142 Emergency Care - Staff
4144  Non-Bargaining Support Staff Insurance Benefits
4152   Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Violence-Staff/Employees
4153  Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
4154 Ethics
4155 Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
4156  Travel and Reimbursement Policy
4157  School District Internet Access for Staff - New
Classified and Non-Professional Personnel
4211  Hiring Policy - Non-Certified Positions
4212 Hiring for Athletic Assignments (Coaching)
4213 Hiring for Non-Athletic Assignments (Club and Class Advisors)
 4217   Evaluation of Non-Certified Personnel
4218  Substitute Teachers
4218.1  Long-Term Substitutes
4220 Call-In Pay for Custodians and Maintenance Personnel




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